Our mission

Our mission

Since 2010, Passage Fitness has been trying to be as inclusive as possible.     Our dream was to change the industry, in which we succeeded.

There are no other gyms that compare to Passage Fitness. Our innovative nature in combination with our unique classes create a special kind of experience from the moment you set foot in one of our gyms. Most of all, we are a tribe. As a member of Passage Fitness you are immediately included into our Passage family. Every member is welcome at our events with live dj’s, where we connect and have fun together.

  • 3x Voted Morocco’s best gym
  • Unique experience
  • Innovating fitness since 2008
  • 80+ classes per week

Proud Partners

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Our Top Locations



Boulevard Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah Propriété Turquoise 3 – C8
Casablanca – Morocco


Morocco Mall

Parking Marjane, Morocco Mall
Casablanca – Morocco


Anfa Place

Anfa Place Business Center
Bd La corniche, Casablanca

Build strenght

Strength is more than just muscle gain. It’s a state of mind that we build with you session by session.

Manage weight

In addition to what we do on the gym floor, we assess your lifestyle and tailor a plan to bring you into your best shape.


Rehabilitation can be an intense and often psychological effort, be it from injury, incident or even a past lifestyle choice.

Sport specific

With practice, anybody can become a good player, but we take you further than that. We identify your edge and nurture it.


Oujda est pour février 2019, Marina est prévu pour Juin 2019.

Le descriptif est disponible sur l’onglet ‘classes’ de notre site web.

Le planning est trimestriel ; il est constamment mis à jour ici ainsi que sur notre page Facebook.

Nous offrons un service 5 étoiles all inclusive. Chaque club a des spécifiés propre à lui-même ; que vous trouverez d’ailleurs sur l’onglet ‘clubs’ de notre site web.

De 6h30 à 22h la semaine. Et de 8h à 18h le week-end & jours fériés.

Est-ce que c’est le même planning toute l’année?

Oui, nous proposons des passes journaliers ainsi que des passes piscines en saison.

Vous avez la possibilité d’inviter jusqu’à 8 personnes.

Vous pouvez déposer votre CV sur place, à travers notre page de recrutement ici ou l’envoyer directement sur l’adresse recrutement@passage.fitness.

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